What Do I Need To Know Before Attending?

What do I need to know before attending? This is not a vacation, I repeat this is not a vacation but a time for us to pray and show reverence to the Allahiem of Israel in Jerusalem. This is a time for our women to be mourning and groaning due to Jacob’s trouble that is approaching the sons and the men of Israel (Jeremiah 9:15-26). Our country Israel is occupied by foreigners and this invasion has been ordained by the El of Israel due to our whoredom as a nation. We are asking those who seek the face of Yah in Jerusalem to humble themselves and to focus on Zion and only Zion, showing repentance to The Most High. Why do we say this? We are familiar with the demons that are in this land. The demons that are here do not want you to prophecy by making this pilgrimage. The demons only want to bring confusion in our midst. We must return in peace and with a humble Ruach (This event will trigger Zechariah 8:20)
It is important to rest upon every Sabbath in Jerusalem and the High Qodesh Days. We are here to let. The Most High know that we are sorry and to show our repentance to him to His face (Zion). It doesn’t make any sense for any us to come back into Zion to spit in His face by violating his Sabbath. The Sabbath is a sign between Him and His people. We expect people to come into Zion with honour and respect. Our righteousness must exceed the gentiles. Also it is extremely important that we do not argue amongst our brethren, sisters, with the strangers, debate over doctrines because this is how the enemy seeks in and destroy us from within. Either do we want sister to discourage sisters, brethren, husbands and vice versa with the brethren. Most importantly we do not start our cars or get into our cars to take trips. We rest as it is written. The El of Israel is looking down upon us; remember we are in His face.
We are asking our people to have a dark or black garments for mourning purposes, while the rest of Israel is celebrating the feast outside of the land of Israel. We will be mourning during ours. Our people act as if it’s time to celebrate when the Most High has placed a decree on all of Israel to bring destruction. (Jacob Trouble. So why should we celebrate when we as a people are in such despair, our goal in Zion to have a time of repentance in our Holy Land.