The Real Jews (ISRAELITES) Of Tel Arad (ZION)

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Equipped with a prophet who claims to be a direct descendant of the tribe of Ephraim and with an endless evidences that the Jerusalem which every body is fighting over is not the biblical Jerusalem at all, the members of the "House of Israel" community are asking to make it clear to all of us that they are the real Jews (ISREALITES). Roy Chicky Arad almost got convinced, but his low chances to survive the gog and magog war made him return to the boring Judaism .

stage of belief

Will a surprising TWIST occur in the heated conflict between the religions over the Temple Mount? the "House of Israel", a group of blacks who identify as Jews (ISRAELITES) who came mostly from the United States, believes that the tabernacle of David is at Tel Arad, an archaeological site about six miles west of the city of Arad. They call the mount "Zion", and since last Passover they have three pilgrimage which is inspired by ancient customs,that is flourishing and expanding community from all over the world. in the year 2002 HOWSHUA AMARIEL , 60 years old, a native of Chicago, also known as "Indiana Jones" of the Hebrews, stated that Tel Arad is in fact the biblical Jerusalem. Following the enlightenment he moved to Arad and tried to locate believers,from the Hebrews of Dimona and among blacks worldwide. His and his believers historic suggestion is fascinating ,its sources are a variety of conspiracy theories and archaeological findings, and the belief of Hebrews and black Americans who see themselves as the real Jews(Israelites). This is the shortcut of the story: the foundation of the confusion is that in the Bible, there is two cities were called Jerusalem, One that was conquered from the JEBUSITS which the temple was built in it (Tel Arad) ,and the other one was captured from the AMORITES ( "Jerusalem"). In 70 CE, the real Jerusalem which the temple is in it was destroyed and the people went into exile. According to de HOWSHUA code, Hadrian changed the name of Jerusalem(tel a Arad) to t Aelia Capitolina , Roman city which the entry was forbidden for the circumcised. Several hundred years later, when the Jews (israelites) were allowed to return, the wrong Jerusalem was presented to them, North. The reason to keep the Jews(Israelites) was clear: preventing the arrival of the messiah. also exile was not toward Europe and Asia, as we learned. The children of Israel fled to Egypt, then moved to south Sudan, which it means according to believers, "Sui yahoden"(upper Egypt), the land of Judah. from there they Rolled to West Africa. In Africa, they were caught and sent to America as slaves. And now they are returning to their home land. These whom are called white Jews are a scam according to them, it is clear in the Bible that the Jews(ISRAELITES) were dark-skinned. One of the claims for the lack of authenticity of the Jews is linguistic: they are called in English Jewish and ish means similar to, that means the Jewish are only similar to the Jews. (as whitish means similar to white). Yet the members of the"House of Israel" want cooperation with us, their brothers, after all we share with them the Torah of truth. Howshua proves his Claims without blinking. representation Number 1 is a photo of the mosaic discovered in ancient synagogue in Beit Alfa with Abraham on it but he is not really white(brown man).representation Number 2 is in Exodus 4:6 when Moses wanted to show his power of witchcraft, he putted his hand in his lap, and it became white as snow "and then return to it original color. according to Howshua and his friends, if the miracle turned the hand white as snow , that means mosses originally was black.BINGO!  HOWSHUA, carry titles as rabbi, an imam, a priest and an Indian chief at the same time,he says that thousands of people in the exile share this belief , with the potential for millions worldwide spiritual blacks, that will fill Arad in the coming years. In any case, there is dozens in the country for right now. Some readers probably will laugh at this, but do not forget that, as Jews we believe that frogs were dropped from the sky by God to depress the Egyptians. Besides, the claim that the ancient Hebrews were blacks is not less logical than a bunch of pale Europeans see themselves as descendants of Abraham and require immediate the land that was promised to them. With no offense, of course. We first meet a week before the holiday. Arad's commercial center has been decorated with people from around the world that made a pilgrimage to celebrate the slaughter of the Passover approaching, with spectacular clothes painting the slumbering Arad with energies of Rastafarians . Although there is a lot of overlap, these are not exactly the Hebrews of Dimona, that was called for years,the "negro Hebrews", a term that considered offensive today. Ben-Ami Ben-Israel, the leader of the Hebrews in Dimona Photo by Alex Levac

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