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a chief with a look of a rapper

the Hebrews are vegans, but the house of Israel, can eat meat and do not hesitate to slaughter here and there, as I would be a witness for it at Passover. One of the frustrating things to HOWSHUA is that many of the Hebrew do not believe that Tel Arad is the Tabernacle of David, and insist to hold on to the common belief about the location of Jerusalem.
as a new Religious stream, all information of the "House of Israel" can be found on YouTube and Facebook. a YouTube video shows Howshua going to Ben-Ami Ben-Israel , the leader of the Hebrews of Dimona, with the Tablets that he prepared, engraved in ancient Hebrew, and tries to convince Ben Ami to believe in the righteous way. Ben Israel refuses to listen, and Howshua disappointed, as Moses in his time, he dramatically smashed the Tablets on the casual sidewalk of Dimona.
A video from one month ago shows HOWSHUA at the Wailing Wall, with elegant appearance, holding a bag of potato chips and preach to the passing crowd that actual location of the wailing wall is at Tel Arad. he stimulating curiosity among bored Orthodox Jews , until security guard requires him to be quiet.
Howshua, masters the ancient Hebrew language, translated the Bible into English according to a copy of the ancient Hebrew Bible which he says that rolled to America. He worked 12 years for the translation, 2,152 pages long. in his bag he is carrying a strange stone which he says that his family moved it from Canaan to Africa and from there to America and back to Arad / Jerusalem. According to him, the inscribed written on the stone is in ancient Hebrew and it says " AS TEACH TOO ARE" another proof of his claims (one of them is that he represent the original rabbinical order). In addition, he claims to have DNA proof that he has genetic similarities to the bones that was found at Tel Arad, which prove that he is a direct descendant of the tribe of Ephraim. But his computer battery was out, and with all the heavenly assistance of Howshua we could not run it. So that left me with no choice but to believe.
Howshua is a cheerful man with a mischievous smile, dreadlocks Rasta and black stick of the head of the tripe that look ancient , that represent him as the chief. Chief is also his nickname on everyone's lips. In addition of being being black, he sees himself tied to Cherokee Indian. As we sat on the patio outside his home, and he unfolded before me plenty of evidence that Arad is in fact Jerusalem, his voice climbed enthusiastically. The neighbor came out and asked him politely to speak quietly. He smiled at her as he continued. On one hand, chief is kind of Jesus or Jeremiah that he and his devoted believers are convinced that he have in his possession enormous truth that will turn the world up side down, but yet he have a neighbor who wants him to be quiet. In my opinion,he is more successful than Jeremiah or Jesus. because Contrary to the righteous feisty prophets, Howshua is exuberant nice gesture that look like a rapper.from all All faiths, religions and calts that i came across, this one I liked the best in the meantime.
also Fashion wise,HOWSHUA AMARIEL defeats almost every religious leader that comes to a mind . The first time we met he wore Obama shirt and wrapped around his forehead sweat band from the '80s-style. Then he changed his shirt color for Tnuva that probably was given sometime as a prize. Sometimes he chooses feathers Cherokee that he puts over his Rasta hair. he have a special handshake consists of three movements: punch, then V and then combining fingers as he says "peace, respect, love,"with a strong American accent. which is not related to his current phase of his prophet, so he must have started this hand shake earlier. Also his believers dress Stunning , in a different styles, sometimes ancient Hebrews, sometimes rappers, sometimes in the spirit of science fiction with silver belts.
Due to the advanced knowledge of the ancient Hebrew .Howshua, says that he was sent on a number of tours for several years to find the real Jerusalem, fully funded by the black community in the United States. he presented me his stamped passport and tell me that he had visited Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, Between 1988 and 2000 he checked every temple and ruin, but could not find a place that fit the description of the Tabernacle of David, and returned to the United States. Suddenly, the "Chicago Jewish Star," published an article about the discovery of the holy of holes at Tel Arad fort. "Wow," he says. "I started shaking."
If there is anything that characterizes the people of the house of Israel, it is the affection that  they have for folders and documentation, something I connect to it very spiritually. Howshua is very strict not to not to let anyone to his house, but in the patio he presents to me a numerous maps ,snippets and documents . For example, a map of the ten tribes in Africa since -1836. Then he pulls out his request in 2009,from the" Israel Land Administration" under the title " The Plan of the ancient community," which requires to transfer over the entire area of Arad Valley, including Tel Arad and Arad to his hands, "I demand the whole area. At first the Arad Valley, then the entire area of the State of Israel. That way everyone will have land. I demand to make the Torah a law. in the Sabbath all debts should canceled , including the banks. I went to court and they refused. So why they say we are a Jewish state if there is no debt relief? You can not be secular and Jewish. I mean, let's make the revolution Torah. people will love that the debts will be canceled,that the land will be restored to the people. " I am in favor. "I have many enemies, but I have the people and have connections. Why the Jewish are hated all over the world? because they not keeping the Sabbath year,if they were keeping it, everyone then will like them." as blacks, all the members of the community say they feel racism in the Israeli street because of the color of their skin. "When our people wanted to come to Israel, we were refused entry as a people and arrested," he said painfully. "That was in 1967. Note that year. What happened in 1967?" Six Day War. "It was a warning, and then they allowed us entry. They said we were not Jews, but we are the ten tribes