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Tel Arad, Israel
Road 80, Beersheba, Israel

Travel Tips
How do I get to Tel Arad? Make your way to Israel, Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) Airport. Visas are issued on arrival, expiry is 3 months of arrival date. It is important to tell immigration that the reason for your journey is to do the feast and will be visiting Tel Arad National Park and other historical sites. Once you arrive and clear Customs, walk outside to the left and you will see the train station ticket booth. Buy at ticket from Tel Aviv headed to Beersheba (cost is 15 shekels). Take the train one stop, transfer there to Beersheba which is an hour and half train ride. When you arrive in Beersheba you will take a bus (Gate 16) from Beersheba to Arad. It is a 40 minute journey and the cost is 10 shekels. The total travel time can be up to 2 to 3 hours from the airport to Arad. The cost from the airport to Arad using public transportation is less than 20 USD. Please be aware that you need to tell the driver to stop at Tel Arad that will be to the left (which is 10 minutes before Arad). For taxis, follow the signs in the airport and be sure to agree the price beforehand. If you prefer to drive, there are several car hire companies which at the airport. We have heard that it us cheaper to hire cars in Israel than to reserve in advance. Be sure to hire a car with SATNAV!

What about accommodation? If staying at Tel Arad National Park remember to make your reservation in advance to notify the park staff of your plans. If your just turn up after working hours with no reservation, there is a strong possibility that zoo may be turned away. If you desire to stay in Zion, you may reserve tents 16.00 USD per day and, also there are dorms like rooms that are available that sleep up to 6 people in the Zion as well. For reserving tents or rooms in Tel Arad-contact Mrs. Savit from 9am to 5pm Israel time. Mrs. Savit office number is: +972 08 6280404,


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