Revelation at Lehaveem junction

Ola Amariel is Howshua third wife , the mother of his three adorable children who certainly worth a separate article. according to her, the other two wifes that is living in the United States, with many more children , supported the wedding. Polygamy is automatically shocking subject . But as someone who comes from people that customary damage the penis of a baby, who Am I to preach to a feminist woman that chose of her own a certain way.

In her youth she left her native village and her family when they wanted to force her marriage,she began to attend college. One morning 14 years ago,a vision appeared to her at the Hatzbani river which she got an order to go on a journey. She went on a random ride and in parallel she was interested in the Rastafarian movement . "as a person that Grow up on Allah, I was interested in who was Jah that they are talking about." When she went with a good friend to bring photographic equipment from Tel Arad to a friend,she received enlightenment that she will be an Indian chief wife , and she told her friend, that got terrified of it. She also predicted the global warming before Al Gore: "At lehaveem junction i felt that one day the polar will melt and the world will be flooded. I saw that I started to scare my girlfriend, so I did not say no word after that. When we arrived to tel Arad, I saw him wearing a ceremonial feathers and making an Indian call. I almost pass out. He asked me 'Who are you' and I said, 'all my life I knew we gonna meet . We know each other for a long time. everyone was trembling. I felt like I sound like a crazy woman. I asked Chief who's Jah? and he explained to me that its God's name and said that the Messiah should come from Tel Arad. all my life i was anti-religious. a friend of Chief came by and by strange coincidence he had a Bible in Arabic. I said, it must be from God. I started reading the Bible, and I realized that I was related to the people of Israel as Median, the tribe of JETHRU. for a whole Year I had dreams that I should marry chief and have his children. And I thought to my self,he is not a Druse,h and believe in polygamy. I ran from the village just to not to marry a chauvinist, so how i will marry someone that already have two wives? "

Preparations for the sacrifice. Center: Howshua Amariel.More of Brian of Monty Python than an Old Testament standard prophet