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the Shechinah (Holy spirit) told me

If religious were formed at the market squares in the past, the gathering place of the "House of Israel" is an air conditioned cafe in the mall at Arad. There I met Ashira Ben Israel, who chose to dedicate his life to tour in the black world to mobilize people into the faith that Tel Arad is Jerusalem. "Even Judas Maccabeus began only with his family," Ashira Ben Israel says. "I came here as a pilgrim. Even our ancestors, every once they were in trouble the came to Zion, came and pray, until we lost in the year 70 ad and the tabernacle of David was sword." Ashira was a teacher in New York in the name Kenyon Ashira Wilkerson, whose life got caught in a deep personal crisis. He vowed that if God will call him to ZION, he will leave his wife and children for three years . The next day, at breakfast time,he received a phone call and was offered to go for the first time in his life to Israel to meet Howshua. I see him as Paul of the group. at the mall he dress seriously in ancient Israelite Garments, at Tel Arad he will wear a turban. In order To bring people of faith, Ashira has already visited Egypt, the United States and Kenya, and talked with the people of Uganda, and he is planing to arrive soon to Rwanda, Britain, Canada, Jamaica and Trinidad. Through his travels and videos that he made, during the last two years he led the crowed of believes into the positions of Howshua.
Applying ceremony blood smeared on the doorpost. Only one third of Israelis will survive

Another member of the group is Absalom ben Solomon, 72, who immigrated to Israel in 1971 as part of the Hebrews. Ben Solomon is one of the most respected jazz musicians living in Israel, who played with the jazz legend Sun Ra. We had an early conversation over the phone that caused misunderstanding because of the accent of both us is unclear. Ben Solomon thought that the interview will discuss his music towards his performance at Arad. He was carrying a huge leather bag full of newspaper clippings , but he was happy about the change in direction. One of the believers who came to Israel especially for the sacrifice is Brian, a tall, bearded man from Jamaica who heard about the truth Online . "the holy spirit called me and said that I must go to ZION. I moved to a smaller apartment, sold the car just to have $ 2,000 to fly here." A few days after we spoke, he was circumcised with the assistance of another believer.
White believers also came especially to join the Passover sacrifice. One of them is Jack from London. "When you you at ZION you see that every thing fits the scriptures. but In the fake Jerusalem it does not fit," he recites. As the group members are optimistic, the Passover offering is not a happy event. " This is the second time we kept the Passover ceremony after 2000 years of a break that the world kept the real Jerusalem hidden from all of us the", Ashira explains to me ."We wear black when we come to pilgrimage three times a year, because we are mourning. The world lied to us. it do not call us by our name Israel but Afro-American or Jamaicans, when we are actually one nation. The devil divided us. We came to apologize to God for the sins of our ancestors. the Jewish in the world are forgetting to do that, when they come to what they call the wailing Wall. they ask for things. it is as if I had insulted and kicked you, I'll send you sms saying I need a hundred dollars. according to the prophets JERUSALEM should be a wilderness until the people will return to her, and their Jerusalem is not completely ruined place. they must be praying at BETH EL ".

So we the Jewish are simply wrong? "Herzl's idea was not to bring the Jewish here, but to Uganda. The Jewish wanted to Africa. According to the prophets, when the return to Israel will happen there will be no wars, but when the Jewish came there is a war every year. This proves that they are not the real people.ABED EL NASSER said that the Israelis can not be The real locals, for they left blacks and came back whites Why? " why? "Because they are not the real people. the real Jews that will come will be blacks. We are the people of the book and you are writing eith Aramaic letters and not Hebrew. through us the world will accept the messiah. The World will know who we are. Those who called Negroes are actually the children of Israel. In the End of the Days, all of the nations will ask us for forgiveness. that will be before Gog and Magog war. But we will not have to raise a hand, the messiah will come and save us. when the 144,000 men will come to the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount (ZION) that will  happens. there will be a lot of destruction. " Oh. "Only this way God can build his kingdom here." This mall also will be destroyed? With the waiters? "Everything around is gonna be deleted, so that Jesus can build his kingdom. Then the Israelis will return and all of the nations will come and give gifts for the children of Israel, and they will serve us. But we will treat them as brothers, not as the nations of the world had treated us because of our color. I know they hate us here.They Call us Negroes here. I walk down the street and say good morning to people but they look at me with contempt. " Further proof that that ashira is useing that they are the real Jews (ISRAELITES) is from the pop music world . "Who started the rap? Jewish? Chinese? If we put a hat upside down the world will do as we do. And its written that the Jews (ISRAELITES) are a light unto the nations". I Totaly supports your belief,its just the end of the days that worries me. "Yes, many will die. Only one third o f the Israelites would survive.